The Categories

The Award Categories

Team of the Year

For this category we want to hear all about you and your colleagues' achievements, working together as one team over the last 12 months. The challenges you have faced, the obstacles you have overcome and how you celebrated your success.  We can’t wait to hear from you!

·         Is there an example of how you have been able to bring your whole team together?

·         How did you all ensure that every team member felt they had a part to play?

·         How did you all manage conflicting opinions and personalities to keep the project moving?

·         How did you all reward yourselves and celebrate for a job well done?

 Newcomer of the Year
(12 months or less in the Secretarial Industry)

What made you want to take the step into becoming a support superstar? Tell us about you, how have your first 12 months been?  What has been your most amazing achievement so far to date and how have you become a whirlwind within the busy and already established office environment?

·         What made you choose the role of a PA as your career?

·         What skills have you brought to your business?

·         What training and/or self-development steps have you undertaken to progress in your current role?

·         What did you aspire to achieve and what and where have you tried and indeed been successful in doing so?

Lead by Example Award

Have you taken the action and put your first foot forward, pioneering and leading the way for those to follow in your footsteps? Creating an impact and leaving a legacy is always a challenge in an ever-changing, fast paced environment, tell us all about you, your goals, your achievements and success story?

·         Give an example of where you have had to take the lead, tell us about the challenges you had and how you led this to success?

·         How do you encourage others to follow your lead?

·         What has inspired you throughout your career and how have you put that to use?

·         What does leading by example mean to you?

Independent Virtual Assistant of the Year

Taking a leap into the unknown is always overwhelming, but you did! You may have left the comfort of a full time paid salary behind you, taken a look at that blank piece of paper thinking where do I start?  We want you to tell us about your journey to standalone success, the ability to build a network around you and the obstacles you have overcome along the way?

 ·         What inspired you to choose this career path and gave you the confidence?

·         How have you managed to create and sustain opportunities in the profession?

·         What do you do to ensure working remotely you remain self-motivated and positive?

·         Can you give an example of how you have added value to your client(s)?

Event Organiser of the Year

Sometimes you may only have a 1 line brief land on your desk, but this doesn’t faze you!  How have you gone above and beyond to deliver an exceptional experience overall for your event?  An everlasting impression that is still talked about with your colleagues until this very day!

·         What would be your most defining event to date?

·         How do you manage organising an event whilst juggling your ‘usual’ role?

·         Tell us about a time you had to deal with a last minute change or unexpected situation when planning an event?

·         Are you able to describe how you used your own passion and logistical expertise to achieve the final result exceeding delegate expectations?

·         If we asked one person to describe an event you have planned, what would they say?

Corporate Responsibility Champion

Living in an ever-changing environment and having the ability to focus on this and the confidence to do something about it is always an added extra to your everyday job role!  Giving back is so important - how have you given back to your community, the environment, created awareness and taken action, tell us how much this means to you?

·         What does CSR mean to you?

·         Provide an example of what CSR Project you have been responsible for implementing?

·         How have you gone about obtaining buy-in from the top down and how have you managed staff engagement?

·         How do you ensure a commitment to continually monitor, improve and achieve your goals?

Technology Champion Award

Technology changes every single day, sometimes it really is hard to keep up!  How have you taken the technology bull by the horns and lead the organisation to new and better ways of working, best practice and stamped your mark as a Technological champion?

·         What is your most significant contribution as a Technology champion?

·         What idea have you implemented into your organisation to make better working practices?

·         How have you monitored the success of that project?

·         How have you shared your knowledge to develop others and bring them on board?

·         Have you met resistance and challenge to change and how have you managed expectations to change perceptions?

PA of the Year Award
(this is for all of you fantastic ‘ASSISTANTS’ out there…..!)


·         What would you consider has been your most Outstanding Achievement to date throughout your career, leaving an everlasting impression on you and your colleagues?

·         What has been the biggest lesson and challenge in your career and how did you overcome this?

·         How have you and do you anticipate the needs of your Executive(s) ensuring they only do what they need to and when?

·         What difference have you made in your role?

·         What are your goals and aspirations going forward?

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